6 Last-Minute Getaways

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Ibiza is Magic

Continuing to draw regulars and new folk alike

Ibiza airport has seen over 400% rise in passengers arriving on the island since April compared to last year with 13,630 flights coming into Ibiza airport in July alone!

Happy to see Ibiza back in business in more ways than one.

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What’s Happening

Boo’s Ibiza

Clubs are full with the post university crowd who haven’t had a life over the past couple of years and still look bright and brushy on the dance floor at 6am, I am vegan, I salute you!!  A far cry from the old days of carnage, and the music is off the Richter scale this year.

It’s clear during the pandemic that Islanders have been busy and there are many new people and places to discover…

From women in farming like Jessica Dunlop’s Herbal Hay and Francesca Munizago’s home-grown flowers at The Floral Studio based in San Mateo, to the influx of new farm to table restaurants including a personal favourite, Juntos.

There’s an array of interesting boutiques having popped up all over the island to explore at leisure, not to mention new local eco-beauty brands such as Laire, Botanica Natural, and Ibiza Softens Age, using ingredients naturally sourced from Ibiza’s land and sea, you’ll no doubt cross paths with a f