From group yachting and long-let villas, to multi-gen safaris and island castaways, new luxury travel trends are emerging from the global shutdown. Globetrender speaks with eight industry insiders about what lies ahead.


These challenging times have given us an appreciation of intrinsic luxury in our lives, from nature’s beauty to the simplicity of baking at home with family. By recognising the simple pleasures in life, travel at any level will become more precious, more exotic and more adventurous.

As travel bans lift and borders open, the world will provide opportunities to truly discover and relish every experience, whether it is a desire to surf in Devon, stretch out by a pool in Ibiza, explore the Arctic in an expedition ship or trek the Inca Trail.

Travel will slowly return to be one of the most valuable investments of our time and money as we look forward to a future where being able to fly and explore our beautiful planet is regarded as a rare commodity.

The issue of sustainability will maintain its relevance and importance as the travel industry recovers and an appreciation for the world’s fragility is more apparent than ever.

A trend for longer staycations and travel into the winter months will provide tourism in the British Isles with the bounce back needed. Bucket-list escapism will give travellers the desire to be bold with their planning for 2021.

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