The island of Ibiza became a welcoming place in the 1930’s for visiting travellers and intellectuals fleeing from Nazism. Fundamental names such as Sert in Architecture, Camus in Literature, Benjamin in Philosophy and Schulten in Archaeology, all produced some of their best work on the island. Subsequently followed the artists of the 59 group, Broner, Bechtold, Laabs, Trokes, enlivened from the El Corsario gallery which hosted the first exhibition by the Ibiza 59 group. Later on, other contemporary art galleries arrived: Ivan Spence and in particular, that of Carl van der Voort which was to become the major protagonist in the international promotion of these artists. The Ibiza Contemporary Art Museum and its biennials held from 1964 onwards, were an attraction for artists from all parts of the world.

Founded by British expert Louise ‘Boo’ Gibney, luxury real estate agency, Boo Ibiza, has a comprehensive portfolio of unique properties for rental and to purchase on the White Isle. Louise and her team match each client with a carefully curated portfolio of properties, from 400-year-old Fincas to 14-bedroomed palacios, modernist glass structures to stylish villas set on remote rocky outcrops.

One of Boo Ibiza’s most spectacular rental homes is a private island within another island, Sa Ferradura. A unique place that is welcoming and respectful of the surrounding and magnificent environment and connected to local culture and with the local people. Sa Ferradura houses the finest collection of vibrant contemporary Ibizan art.

Housed in the Sa Ferradura collection is one noteworthy artist, Rafael Tur Costa, an abstract painter born in Ibiza and self- taught sculptor. Tur Costa is the living artist in Ibiza with the most international impact and presence in contemporary art museums. Tur Costa uses collage as a technique, white as a colour, and Ibiza austere tradition as inspiration. The elegance of Tur Costa has been and remains nowadays, a living symbol of the island modernization, without sacrificing atavistic and identifying elements belonging to this ancient culture: the lime light, volumes of its architecture, and its historical sediments. His motivation is the insertion and consolidation of the avant-garde styles on the island. His painting would not be the same without the island, and the island would probably not be the same without his look.

Since the 1970’s, Tur Costa has exhibited in the best galleries in Ibiza:  The Corsair, Van der Voort and in Spain, Rene Tetras, Nova and Juana Mordo. He has exhibited in San Francisco, Berlin, Basel, Lausanne, and Zurich. His works are in the collections of the City of Palma, the Government of the Balearic Islands, the Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza, the International Museum Salvador Allende in Santiago de Chile and the National Art Gallery of Modern Art in New Dehli.

This living artist was awarded the Medalla de Oro (Gold Medal) by the Government of the Balearics in February 2020.

The inauguration of a special exhibition of Tur Costa’s work will take place on Friday 11th December 2020 at the Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum in Palma, Mallorca, and there are plans to take the exhibit abroad. This exhibition will become a reference point and focus of attention for art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

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